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The Sikes brothers, Alva, Jonathan, Ezra and Jessie, who moved to California during the 'Great Migration' were born to John and Mary Sikes in Lawrence Co. Ohio. John was a descendant of Richard Sikes who came to America from England sometime prior to 1639 and moved to the wilderness to help establish the town of Springfield, MA.

The next 4 generations remained in Massachuetts. in 1794 John Jones Sikes bagan moving west ending up in Northern Kentucky. His wife, Sara Soule, was the Great Great Grandaughter of George Soule who came to America on the Mayflower in 1620.
John Jones son, John moved just across the border to southern Ohio. When the rest of the family moved to Missouri the four brothers stayed in Ohio where they were working in the iron mines.

Alva Sikes came to California in 1849 after gold was discovered. His brothers Ezra, Jesse, and Jonathan joined a wagon train that left for California in 1850 or 51. According to one account they were attacked by Indians at least once during the trip. They joined Alva at Shasta and worked in the mines there for several years.

Jessie lived only a short time and passed away from hardships of the trip. Ezra stayed with the mines all his life. Jonathan and Alva moved to the Sacramento Valley and began working on farms. They both eventually started farms of their own in the Tremont section of Solano Co. just South of Davis.


1 Richard Sikes b. 1618, Stafford Co., England; d. 1676 Springfield, MA [1, p.17] (1)
. +Phebe
. 2 Increase Sikes b. 1644, Springfield, MA; d. 1712 Springfield, MA [3, p.21]
.... +Abigail Fowler b: 1 MAR 1646 in Windsor, Hartford Co., CT
... 3 Nathaniel Sikes b. 1673, Springfield, MA; d.1727, Springfield, MA [7, p.24]
...... +Elizabeth Ball b: 14 JAN 1677 in Springfield, Hampden Co., MA
..... 4 Nathaniel Sikes Jr. b. 1705/6, Springfield, MA; d. 1733 Springfield, MA [21, p.29]
........ +Rachel Bliss b. Sep 1707 f Springfield, MA
....... 5 Nathaniel Sikes III b. 1729, Wilbraham, MA; d. 1760 Wilbraham, MA [50, p.43]
.......... +Sarah Jones b. 1733, Springfield, MA d. 1773, Wilbraham, MA
......... 6 John Jones Sikes b. March 20, 1760 in Springfield, MA; d. 1807, Mason Co. KY [128, p.75]
........... +Sarah Soule b. Abt. 1771 in MA; d. 1858 Scioto Co., OH
........... 7 John Sikes
b. May 1, 1791, in Westfield MA d. August 20, 1861 in Novelty, MO [329, p.141]
............. +Mary Rockwell b. 04 Jun 1795 Chemung Co., NY
............. 8 John Alva Sikes b. January 17, 1829 in OH; d. Abt. 1904 in CA [675]
............. 8 Jonathan Sikes b. 1830 in Lawrence Co, OH; d. 1913 in Davis, CA [676]
............... +Caroline (Carrie) Woodley Palmer b. 1849- PA; d. 1915- Davis, Solano Co, CA
............... 9 George Alvin Sikes b. Feb. 28, 1880, Tremont, CA; d. July 28, 1960, Davis, CA
................. +Clara Edna Thomas b. 1889, Kelseyville, CA; d. 1966, Davis, CA
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(1) Reference to Numbers and pages in Richard Sikes and His Descendants, the First Seven Generations by Arthur Sikes is out of print..
There is a digital copy at FamilySearch Catalog: Richard Sikes : and his descendants, the first seven generations

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