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This is a page with links for interesting family history data for the descendants of Clara Thomas Sikes and Alvin SIkes.

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Ancestors of Clara Thomas and Alvin SIkes

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  George Alvin Sikes
b. 1880, Davis, CA
d. 1960, Davis, CA
Jonathan Sikes
b. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH
d. 1913, Davis, CA
John Sikes
b. 1791, Wilbraham, MA
d. 1861, Novelty, OH
Mary Rockwell
b. 1795, Chemung Co., NY
d. 1865, Novelty, OH
Caroline Woodley Palmer
b. 1848, Muncy, PA
d. 1915, Davis, CA
Richard Woodley
b. 1789/1791
d. 1 Feb 1861, Muncy, PA
Mary Mosteller
b. abt. 1814
d. before 1860
Clara Edna Thomas
b. 1889, Kelseyville, CA
d. 1966, Davis, CA
Benton Lewis Thomas
b. 1866, Old Windsor Sonoma Co., CA
d. 1938, Kelseyville, CA
Henry Hardin Thomas
b. 1842, Independence, MO
d. 1904, Napa, CA
Nancy Ann Halloway
b. MO
d. 1872, Sonoma Co., CA
Susan Frances "Fanny" Gard
b. 1863, Stockton, CA
d. 1938 Finlay, CA
Charles Gard
b. 1824, Dixon, OH
d. 1876, Morgan Valley, CA
Nancy Webb
b. 1834, Mcminnville, Tenn
d. 1925, Kelseyville, CA
* Generations forward from first immigrants, based on Sikes line.
(Note: Clara is the 11th generation on the Thomas Family genealogy.)
** Generations back from 2000
Sikes Ancestors
Thomas Ancestors
Woodley Ancestors
Gard Ancestors

Tremont Area of Solano Co
Sikes Ranch
Davis Cemetery

Early Settlers
Joseph Cobb In 1613 he came from Amsterdam, the Netherlands to the Jamestown settlement in Virginia.

George Soule came to Plymouth, MA on the Mayflower in 1620 His Grandaughter married John Jones Sikes.
His house was reconstructed and is part of the Plymouth Plantation

Richard Sikes came from England to Boston in the 1630's
In 1641 he joined William Pynchon to establish the wilderness town of Springfield MA , along the "Great (Connecticut) River"

Prominent Ancestors:
Gard - Thomas Family Legacy

Gard: Samuel Wilbore donated the land for Boston Commons in the 1600's

Benjamin Hathaway donated the land for the Presbyterian Church and town square in Morristown NJ in 1740.

Henry Massengill and Mary Cobb (Thomas ancestors) were prominent plantation owners with their own statue in eastern Tennessee in the 1700's.
Their daughter Elizabeth (estranged because she married an Indian), married Isaac Thomas after her husband was killed.

Isaac Thomas was an indian trader in eastern Tennessee who helped General Sevierville get support from the Indians in the American Revolution.
He established the town of Sevierville TN.

John Thomas the first judge in Dallas Co. TX

Davis Cemetery

Headstone Pictures In Memorium

"Past Reflections, Growing up on the Sikes Ranch", Jean Sikes McBride, 1992
Family heirlooms

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