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Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride
Born November 2019 in Palo Alto, CA

Arthur's heritage: Canadian, English, French, German, Irish, Italian, Scottish, Taiwanese (Chinese)
Arthur has several ancestors from both his mother's and father's side who immigrated to North America in the 1600's. He is an 11th generation or more North American.

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                1 day                                     3 weeeks


1 month - Christmas, with late grandmother, Joanna Chien's Christmas stocking.

2 months. - Arthur's swimming lesson with Dad.
Tom's tatoo: | Translation: Beautiful Jade
Arthurs Grandfather has the same tatoo.
- Arthur's Grandmother, Joanna
Romanization: Chien, Mei-Yu |

Arthur should be a better singer than his Dad.
3 month birthday   4 months 
at Tahoe           first rollover

5 months - First solid food.

6 months - Sitting up with a little help from his rings.
I think he'll need bigger rings to start practicing his iron cross gymnastic pose.

May 18 - Come on Mom. Let's sit up again. This is too much work.
Your Dad can teach you the sit-out wrestling move from this position. He was an expert at escaping.
Why is my head so heavy? Brains.


Rotating Sitting Exercise Center - Davis visit
7 months - These legs are made for dancing, running, biking, skiing, ...

Busy Board
7 ½" months - These hands are good for manipulating things.
I hope it will be something like the violin or brain surgery, not just video games.

8 months at Quail Lake Homewood         and the Cabin

9 ½ months - Lunch at my fledging pollinator garden. Hopefully it will be attracting bees, humming birds and butterflys next summer so Arthur can observe from the dining room window.

Arthur's Flickr Album
McBride Namesakes

Arthur Thomas McBride Sr. (1882-1962) Great Great Grandfather
Wedding 1904 (age 23)
Family Picture 1961 (Age 80)

Arthur Thomas (Sandy) McBride Jr. (1915-1996) Great Grandfather
1 year
1937 at Graduation from UC Berkeley's College of Agriculture North Campus at Davis with a 2 year certificate in Agriculture. (Age 22)*
1988 (Age 73)

Babineau Namesake

Joseph Babineau (2019-2012) Great Grandfather

The ancestors of the Babineau and Sikes-McBride families have been crossing paths for generations, in New Brunswick Canada and Springfield Massachusetts.
They finally hooked up in Davis California.

Current Babineau McBride Gelealogies [Private password protected]

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Is this where Arthur got his cheeks?
(Great Grandfather)
Dad's wàigōng (Grandfather)
Jiân (Chien/Jean) Hui

* In 1938 the "Northern Branch of the UC Berkeley College of Agriculture " Davis Campus was re-named "The College of Agriculture at Davis".
In 1959 it was named the University of California at Davis.
In addition to being ranked the #1 Veterinary Medicine School and #1 Agricultural Sciences School in the world it has moved on to have high rankings in a variety disciplines.
See UC Davis History

See Alumni Article "Historic Northern California Family Calls UC Davis Home" | One Aggie Network about the 14 Sikes family members and spouses with degrees from UCD.

Arthur McBride is an Irish folk song found in Ireland & Britain with slight variations. 'The song can be narrowly categorized as an "anti-recruiting" song, a specific form of anti-war song, and more broadly as a protest song.' First collected around 1840.

Paul Brady - Arthur McBride (Official Video w. Lyrics) - YouTube
Bob Dylan recorded it on his "Good as I been to you" album of traditional folk songs.

Arthur's Prayer