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More about Nicolas (1653-1723) who immigrated from France with his father Joseph

Joseph Babineau and Sophie Nowak
Note: This family is related to California Settelers thru marriage and Joseph's Great Grandson, Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride.

Joseph Cyrille Babineau
b. 4 Apr 1919, Chicopee, MA
d. 11 Nov 2012, Springfield MA
(Francois) Edmond Babineau
b. 17 Mar 1889* in St Louis
m. 1916, Rumford Maine
d. 1974, Springfield MA
Cyrille Babineau
b. 1853, St. Louis, New Brunswick, Canada
d. 1926, Chicopee, MA
Marie Martle (Martin)
b. 1846,
d. 1918
Mary M Desroches
b. 1 Jan 1886, Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada
d. 1972, Springfield, MA
Sophie Nellie Nowak
b. 1917, Chicopee, MA
d. 1997, Chicopee, MA
Ignacy Nowak
b. 1891, Poland
Nellie Bojer
b. 1896, Poland
* Edmond's headstone shows 1886 - 1974, but a genealogy from an unknown family member shows 1889.

Headstones in Saint Patricks Cemetery, Chicopee, MA.
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Antoine Joseph Babineau and his son Nicholas came from Soudan, France to Southern to Pentagoet in Acadia (Nouvelle France), which is near what is now Fort George Maine between 1665 & 1685 (Sources disagree. See below).
Acadia was a French colony in North America which covered todays Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, part of New Brunswick and Quebec Canada and Maine
The French were expelled from the southern area by the British in 1755. The Babineau's moved to Richibouctou Village near St. Louis and ended up in St. Louis de Kent, before moving to Massachusetts in the early 1900's.

33% of the people in New Brunswick today speak French and English,. 9% speak French only.

New Brunswick, Maine, Nova Scotia, Pentagoet, Port Royal, Richibucto, St. Louis, Prince Edward Island, Acadia, French, New Mills,
There were other Cyrille and Edmond Babineaus in Kent Parish, but it looks like the ones in St. Louis, Kent County are part of this line.

New Mills is where Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride's McBride ancestors lived after they left Scotland in 1851. Thomas left for California in 1870. Donald died in New Mills in 1879.

Babineau Line:
Numbers are in general the number of generations back from people born around 2020-2050. Generation 1 are people born from 1980-2019. See generations for an explanation of the wide range.
Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride (b. 2019) is generation 1.
12  Joseph  Babineaux 
(also shown as "Antoine Joseph Babineaux" or Babinot or Babineau-Deslauriers" in some places)
 (b. abt 1630 Soudan, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, France, 
  d. abt 1686 - Acadia, Nouvelle France)
   Louise Bourdages (b. 1635 Soudan, Deux-Sèvres, Poitou-Charentes, France,
  d 1660 New France, Antigonish, Nova Scotia
    Joseph Moved to Acadia between 1665 & 1685 See below
   Descendants of Joseph Babineau II at WikiTree

11 Nicolas Babineau b. 1653-1660 France; d. 11 Apr 1719

   +Marie Marguerite Granger b. 1668 Plymouth, England
    m. 1687 
    Laurent Granger, Plymouth England
    Marie Landry, Acadia Nova Scotia
  10 Jean-Pierre (Baptiste) Babineau b 10 Feb 1709 Port Royal, Nova Scotia
                                 d. 1790
    +Isabelle Breaux m. 1729
     First settled at the bend (near Moncton) near 1733
    9 Dominique Babineau b. 28 May 1753, Petitcoudiac, Acadia
            d. 1813 Richibouctou Village
      +Rosalie Gadereau
      8 Joseph Babineau b. Jan 1780 d. abt 1876 in St Louis de Kent, New Brunswick, Candada
        +Nathalie LeBlanc Augustin
        Prosperous Farming family in St. Louis De Kent
        Généalogie Joseph-Dominique Babineau
        7 Louis Babineau b. 28 Sep 1826
          +Adelaide Thibodeau
          6 Cyrille Babineau b. 1853 St. Louis NB
                             d. 1926, Chicopee, MA
            He lived in Rumford and Aldenville ME before moving to Mass.
            +Marie Martin b. 1846
            5 Edmond Babineau b. 17 Mar 1889 (or 1886)St. Louis NB
                              d. 1974, Springfield MA
            Edmond talked about his love for digging clams and catching trout
            in Twiddy Brook near his home.
            Moved to Ticonderoga, NY before moving to Massachusetts.
            He was known to have made violins in his spare time.
              +Mary Desrouches b. 1 Jan 1886 Tignish PEI
                               m. 1916 Rumford Maine.
              4 Joseph Cyrille Babineau b. 4 Apr 1919 Chicopee, Mass.
                                        d. 2012, Springfield MA
                +Sophie Nowak b. 1917 Chicopee MA
                            m. 1945 Chicopee
Numbers are generations back from people born around 2020-2050

About Nicolas Babineau:
I have two accounts.
1. A pdf from family members - Source unknown.
2. WikiTree , FamilySearch
Event PDF WikiTree
Birth 1660 1653
Move to Arcadia 1685 1665 *
Location Port Royal Pentagouët
Married 1687 1687
Move to Port Royal 1701
From Nicolas Babineau (abt.1653-1723) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree
Nicolas Babineau, called Deslauriers. was born around 1653.
(French soldiers of the time often took new family names for their time in the service, hence the name Deslauriers)
According to research done by Armand Robichaud, Nicolas was born in Soudan, Poitou. However, there is no documented proof to support this location of his birth.
* One account says "It is believed that Nicolas arrived in 1665 with the Carignan-Salières regiment, at the age of 12, but this is highly speculative because his name did not appear in the usual lists."
Other genealogies show he came with his father Joseph

Around 1687, Nicolas married Marie-Marguerite Granger, daughter of Laurent Granger and Marie Landry. Between about 1689 and 1709, Nicolas and Marie-Marguerite had six children: René (dit Renaud), Geneviève, Clément, Joseph (dit Deslauriers), Marie, and Jean (Jean-Pierre dit Deslauriers).
They lived in Pentagouët where they were listed in the 1693 Acadian Census, which is now part of the USA at Penobscot, Maine.
Nicolas moved to Port Royal Nova Scotia in 1701 for reasons unknown, when he purchased a homestead on the Dauphin (Annapolis).

A shield commemorating Nicolas and his Wife.
Lauriers (Deslauriers was what Nicholas was called) translates to laurel.
Marguerite (The Christian name of Nicholas' wife) translates to daisy.
The top portion depicts the National flag of the Acardians.

See the story from the Canadian Heraldic Authority.

Source: Nicolas Babineau (abt.1653-1723) | WikiTree FREE Family Tree
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