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Early European Ancestors

Many of these families can be traced back to the end of the Renaissance period in the 1500's and the Finleys can even be traced back to the Middle Ages and Ancient history.

Most genealogies stop around 1538, when the first English parish registers started. Records prior to that are usually for higher-ranking people and royalty. (See "Give Your Pedigree the Royal Treatment: Researching Noble Lines", Ancestry Magazine 11/1/2000, Eugene Stratton and Ancient Finley Roots)

Gen * Name
49 ERC MacEochaid (d. 474 Ireland), [Finley]
28 Macboeda Macbeth FIONNLADH FINLAY (b. 1005 in Lumphanen, Scot), [Finley]
22 Archibald Finlay (d. bfr 1336 )[Finley]
20 John Stewart Fortengal [Finley]
20 Thomas Squire (b. ca. 1399-1442,England) [Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Wheeler/Sayer]
19 Thomas Sherman (b. 1420 Yaxley, Suffolk, England) [Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Adams/Lockwood]
19 Agnes Fuller (b. 1470 Yaxley, Suffolk, England) [Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Adams/Lockwood/Sherman]
18 Thomas Sayre (b. ca. 1474 (Bedfordshire ?), England) [Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Wheeler]
17 Robert Lockwood (b. ca. 1486 Eye, Suffolk, England) [Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Adams]
18 Thomas Wilbore (b. abt 1482 Yorkshire, Eng.) [Gard/Hathaway]
18 Robert Hathaway (b. abt 1500 Gloucestershire, Eng) [Gard]
18 Nicholas Goodspeed (b. 1503 Wingrave, Bucks, Eng.) [Gard/Fairchild]
17 Obadiah Wheeler (b. ca. 1510 Bedford, England) [Sikes/Rockwell]
17 Henry Grant (b. 1524 Kent Eng.) [Gard/Webb/Bayless]
16 Thomas MERCER (b. Abt 1524 Of, Hawkhurst, Kent, England) [Sikes/Soule]
17 Gilbert MORSINGELL (b. 1534 Yorkshire, Eng) [Thomas]
16 Roger Chapyn Or Chapinne CHAPYN (CHAPIN) (b. 1534 Of Totness, Or Paignton, Devonshire,Engl) [Sikes/Bliss]
15 John SOOLE (b. 1540 Of Hawkhurst, Kent, England) [Sikes/Soule]
15 Joseph Cobb (b. 1593 England [Thomas/Massengill] William ROCKWELL (b. 1543 Fitzhead, Somerset, Eng) [Sikes]
16 Nicholas Spicer (b. 1545 Kent Eng.) [Gard/Webb/Bayless]
16 William SAYRE (b. 1546 Cranfield, Bedford, England)(see also Thomas Sayre)[Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett]
16 John Gard (b. 1550 Alvington, Devonshire, England) [Gard]
15 William BLISS (b. Abt 1560 Daventry, , England) [Sikes]
16 Richard Cobb I (b. ca. 1562, Oxford, Eng) [Thomas/Massengill]
14 Nicholas BENNETT (b. Abt 1581, England) [Sikes/Rockwell]
15 Bayless (b. 1590 England) [Gard/Webb]

* GEN - Generations back from 2000.

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