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Date: Tue, 25 Aug 1998 13:23:42 -0500
From: Barbara Gingerich Rivas 
To: "" 

I found the folowing information in my aunt's files.  I will copy it in
several parts.  I have NO other information on this family .  I am
copying the information just as it was typed by my aunt.   I don't know
the sources unless they are listed here.
William FINLEY 1728-1795 - Genealogy
Coat of Arms:  Burkes Armareal, page 35.
                  Fairbairns Crests, Plate 21, Crest 10
                   Motto:  Fortes in Ardvis

Descendants of William FINLEY will find each line of descent is accurately traced. Patient painstaking research was necessary to obtain the informatin herein contained.

We have a great heritage in our ancestry. Had the publisher chosen to write a history of the FINLEY family instead of compiling a genealogy of our particular branch, it would have disclosed that few families have contributed more to the welfare of our country or to the progress of the race.

It is hoped that a perusal of these pages may lead us to fully appreciate those that are gone and to arouse within us a desire to make ourselves worthy of them.

Rev. John Miller WISHART, D.D.


Family records of the descendants of William FINLEY, supply the information herein contained, to 1704.

All infromation previous to that date has been supplied by Major Albert FINLEY FRANCE, of Annapolis, Md. who has spent many years in the study and search of the records and quotes among other authorities, the following:

  • History of Ireland, by Standish O'Grady
  • History of Ireland by Thomas Wright
  • A compendium of Irish History, by M. F. Cussack
  • History of Scotland, by John Hill Burton
  • Prehistoric Annals, by Daniel Wilson, D.L.D.
  • Isle of Bute, by James King Heweson
  • Celtic Scotland, by Shane
  • Lord Hale's Annals
  • Lyons King of Arms
  • MacFarlanes Genealogical Collection
  • House of Finley, by George Finley
  • Cupar Angus Cistercean Abby
  • Presbyterian Records of Scotland
  • Presbyterian Records of Ireland
  • Burkes Landed Gentry
  • Clans of Scotland, by George Erre Todd
  • Aberdeen Charters
  • Manuscript by Dr. John Borland Finley, etc.
The compiler's own research led to such authorities as The Four Masters, Ireland Archives, O'Harts Pedegrees, Buchanan's Rise of Clans, Various Ulster Parish Records, and emplyed searchers at Glasgow, Edinburg and Belfast. While unable to make such authoritive contacts as has Major France, we found enough to justify acceptance of his records without question. Published for private circulation by Howard FINLEY (1934)

Barbara Rivas