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Some Sources of Information

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 "Genealogical Chart of a branch of the Finley Family",
S. H. Finley, Santa Ana, CA 1934

The FINLEY FAMILY As told by Emma Finley McBride to Edgerton B. Sprague

Finley Findings International states:

"Five main genealogies should be credited for the enormous information which they contain. Although each has been found to contain certain errors, they provide a good starting place for the FINLEY researcher. In fact, each one has been built off the work of the others, diverging into separate lines. It is the divergence of these lines that form the incredible wealth of world history that should make each one of us proud to have had FINLEY forefathers."

1. The Clan FINLEY, by Maj. Albert Finley FRANCE
(unpublished, but written 1941-42, with additions
by Lillian Hicks FRANDSEN, February 1962)

Some of the sources used by France are listed in an electronic posting to rootsweb.

2. The Clan Finley, by Rear Adm. Herald Franklin STOUT (Dover, OH: The Eagle Press, First Edition, Limited, 1940; Vol. 1, Second Edition, 1957; Vol. 2, Second Edition, 1961); Starts details with James (1530-1597) but goes back to ancient roots. Stout was descended from [3-19-5 Michael Finley (b. 1774), 2-19 James (b. 1725), Michael (b. 1683), Robert (b. 1634), John (b. 1579=), James (b. 1530)] Available at Higgins Books Full text of "The Clan Finley / compiled and edited by Herald F. Stout." |

Stout used and expanded the work done by France.

3. TORRENCE and Allied Families, by Robert McIlvaine TORRENCE;

4. Unpublished genealogies by Carrie Alexander WOOD, formerly of Dallas Co, TX (written 1938-41),
Finley Findings VOL1

5. Unpublished genealogies by Rex Bird FINLEY, currently of Wichita, KS (written in 1963).

Chart entitled "House of FINLEY Traced Back to Adam and Eve", Ruth Moore Available from LDS in MISC Film Area #0560192, Item 12. Confirms most of Woods lineage. Finley Findings International: Timothy J. Kessler, 12 CR 766, Wynne, AR 72396-8078 ____________________ Our Book of Finleys and Their Kinfolk Families 431 pages $55 Primarily a history James (1714-?), son of Samuel (1689-1751), son of Alexander (1667-1736) family. Includes information about ancient roots Leslie McLaughlin 10193 Buena Vista Dr. Jackson, CA 95642 Willis Finley Longview, TX Sharon Farley Longview, TX President of Clan Farquharson USA The Andrew Ramsey Finley & Caroline Gibson Page at Finley Resources at RootsWeb Message Boards at: GenForum and RootsWeb. Mail Lists at: Wayne A. RAGSDALE , 3547 Valley Circle , Bham, Alabama 35243 USA , Phone 205-823-1556 The origin and stem of the Irish nation, by John O'Hart, published 1892 Patricia Myers 6004 S. 95 St. Omaha NE 68127

Don Stone, director of the "Ancient and Medieval Descents Project"

"Give Your Pedigree the Royal Treatment: Researching Noble Lines", Eugene A. Stratton, FASG, November/December 2000, Ancestry Magazine

The Highland Clans", Sir Iain Moncreiffe of that Ilk, 1967. Finley Findings International The Finley McFarling Genealogy Collection Dublin Heritage Group Cumberland House, Fenian St., Dublin 2 (01) 661 9000 See sources for ancient roots.

RootsWeb WorldConnect has multiple Finley Genealogies:
Lee Ann (Finley) Aigner, Research of Claude B. Finley, Jr. and others: Macbeth, John 1356, James 1688, A. R.
Judy McGrew, Hough/Finley/Brock/Bond Families: John 1356, James 1687, A. R. Finley
Carmen J. Finley, Finley-McFarling Family: James 1688, A. R. Finley
Eleanor E. Gordon, Gordon-Hewitt-Brun-Brooks Families: John d. 1461, James 1688
Hunter, Tabler, Donovan, Jeffries Families: James 1687
DeGarmo Family James 1687
Weir Family: James 1687
Evangeline LaVelle - Nicholas Melanson: Macbeth, John 1356,
Stobie Family:John 1356
Mortenson Family: Shaw MACDUFF , John 1356
Ragsdale Family:John 1356
Peer Family: Fearchar MCFINLAY, John 1356

Ancient Ancestors:
  Lee Ann (Finley) Aigner, Research of Claude B. Finley, Jr. and others on     Noah, Erc, Kenneth I McALPIN, Malcom I & Macbeth, Archibald 1336
  Eric Cameron Fleet, Fleet Family Tree on
    Erc, Kenneth I McALPIN & Malcom I
  Doug Bingham, Bingwood Family Tree on
    Erc, Kenneth I McALPIN, MALCOLM I (MacDonald), Duncan I & Macbeth
  Mark and Mariah's Family Tree

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