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Migration of Sikes - Woodley Ancestors

GenUS ImmigrantTo USA fromStates *des.
14John Thompson
bef. 1614, Eng.MA jr
13George Soule1620 Of, Eckington, Worcester, EngMA MA MA RI RI RI (OH) ss
14Joseph PATCHEN
Elizabeth BENNETT
bef 1621 Kent, Eng.(CT)jr
13Walter Cadwell bef 1629 Scotland CT† CT MA MA MA MA MA OHjjs
13Edward Stebbing (Stebbins)
+Frances TOUGH
bef 1627-30 England CT MA MA MA MA MA MA OHjjs
13Philip Sherman
+Sarah Odding
bef. 1633 Dodham Eng.RIss
13Robert LOCKWOODbef 1634 Suffolk, Eng.(MA, CT)jr
13Susannah NORMAN bef 1634 Dorchester, Eng.(MA, CT)jr
12John Rockwell III1635 Somersetshire Eng.(MA,NY) CT CT CT CT NY (OH)jr
13Jonas Weed +bef 1637 England CTjr
13John Tripp
+Mary Paine
bef. 1638 Lincolnshire Eng.RIss
13Richard Sikesbef. 1639 Eng.MA MA MA MA MA MA MA (NY PA KY OH MO) OH CA jjs
13Hannah Wheelerbef. 1639, Bedford Eng.MA jr
14Deacon Samuel Chapin
+Cecily PENNY
1638-1642 England MAjjs
13James Bennettbef. 1639, Bedford Eng.MA CT CT CT CT NY OHjr
13Thomas Upson bef. 1643 Eng.CT CT CT CT CT NY OHjr
13William Hickock
1641-43 Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire, Eng.CTjr
13Mathew Canfield bef 1644 Northampton, England CTjr
13Sarah Treat bef 1644 Somerset, England CTjr
13Edward Adams bef 1644, England CTjr
13Margaret Savage bef 1644, England CTjr
13Nathaniel Bliss bef 1647 England MAjjs
12Griffith Jones bef 1645 Wales MAjjs
Gen- Generations back from 2000
** States - States where subsequent generations were born and (lived ). Those with only one state means I haven't traced their descendants to Calif. yet.

des. - Gen. 8 Descendant: jjs - John Jones Sikes, ss - Sarah Soule, jr - James Rockwell, hb - Hannah Burt, mw - Matthias Woodley,
† Several immigrants are shown in genealogies to have settled in Hartford, CD prior to 1635. This is probably wrong since Hardford was a Dutch trading post then and the town was not established until 1635 when some English settlers came down from Mass.
Immigrants identified: Sikes-24%, Woodley-none. See fan charts.

Ships and Ports for Immigrants

A-Arive, D-Depart
George SoulPlymoth, Eng.Plymoth, MA A.Nov. 1620 on The Mayflower
John Rockwell II his wife Wilmet Cade and children Somerset, Eng.Dorchester, MAD. 8 May 1635 on the Hopewell
Richard Sikes Eng.Mass.bef. 1639

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