Painted by Maud Chase, a P.E.O. sister of Agnes McBride Sprague, in 1955. She painted the scene from a colored slide of a picture taken in 1951 by Edgerton B. Sprague. It was taken about two miles from the place where Agnes' father, Thomas McBride, was born on the Isle of Arran Scotland, August 7, 1839; The scene is near the Lagg Inn on the Isle of Arran.

Side Story:
When Joanna and I visited my McBride cousins in Arran in 1976, we stayed at the Lagg Inn, recommended by Robbie McBride because it was owned by the son of a woman who was renting a McBride house.
In 2015 I visited the Scottish Gourmet a supplier of Scottish food in South Plainfield, NJ near me recommended by a Scottish friend of mine (They have since moved to Greensboro ,North Carolina) . I found out the owner's husband owned the Lagg Inn. I got a nice tour of their facility and a disconut on some haggis.
Small world!