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Ancestors of Alvin & Clara Sikes

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  George Alvin Sikes
b. 1880, Davis, CA
d. 1960, Davis, CA
Jonathan Sikes
b. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH
d. 1913, Davis, CA
John Sikes
b. 1791, Wilbraham, MA
d. 1861, Novelty, OH
Mary Rockwell
b. 1795, Chemung Co., NY
d. 1865, Novelty, OH
Caroline Woodley Palmer
b. 1848, Muncy, PA
d. 1915, Davis, CA
Richard Woodley
b. 1789/1791
d. 1 Feb 1861, Muncy, PA
Mary Mosteller
b. abt. 1814
d. before 1860
Clara Edna Thomas
b. 1889, Kelseyville, CA
d. 1966, Davis, CA
Benton Lewis Thomas
b. 1866, Old Windsor Sonoma Co., CA
d. 1938, Kelseyville, CA
Henry Hardin Thomas
b. 1842, Independence, MO
d. 1904, Napa, CA
Nancy Ann Halloway
b. MO
d. 1872, Sonoma Co., CA
Susan Frances "Fanny" Gard
b. 1863, Stockton, CA
d. 1938 Finlay, CA
Charles Gard
b. 1824, Dixon, OH
d. 1876, Morgan Valley, CA
Nancy Webb
b. 1834, Mcminnville, Tenn
d. 1925, Kelseyville, CA
* Generations forward from first immigrants, based on Sikes line.
(Note: Clara is the 11th generation on the Thomas Family genealogy.)
** ** Generations back from 2000
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Generation ** Birthplaces:
6 (1839-1863): 2-CA, 1-OH, 1-PA
7 (1791-1845): 2-(MO, PA), 1-MA, NY, OH, TN
8 (1755-1822): 3-TN, 2-(CT, MA, PA, KY), 1-AR, OH 3-?
9 (1729-1805): 3-TN 2-(CT, KY, MA, NJ, PA, RI, SC), 1-VA, 14-?
10 (1698-1764): 5-CT, 4-(MA, NJ), 3-(PA, VA), 1-(Germany, NC, NY, RI), 40-?
11 (1673-1735): 10-MA, 7-CT, 4-Germany, 2-(VA, NJ, NY), 1-(NH, NC, RI)
All Gen: 19-MA, 16-CT, 10-PA, 8-NJ, 7-TN, 6-VA 5-Germany, 4-(NY, KY, RI), 3-OH, 2-(MO, SC, NC) 1-AR

Ethnicity of Alvin and Clara's children:
12.5% prob. Irish †, 5.3% English, 3.1% German, 0.8% Welsh, 0.4% Scotch,
0.02% Dutch, 78.3% Unknown - Ancestors have been in America for 3 or more
      generations and have not been traced back to their country of origin.
      Many these can be traced back 8 or more generations and
      were probably of English origin.

†According to Beryl Nancy Ann Halloway had a thick Irish brogue,
so her parents must have been 100% Irish

See: Sikes-Woodley Immigrants and Thomas-Gard Immigrants.

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