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Immigrants and Early Ancestors

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The California pioneers listed here in many cases inherited their spirit of adventure from their ancestors. Here are some the more interesting ones I've run across.

Joseph Cobb (11th Great Grandfather *) (Thomas family ancestor) was the earliest immigrant we've found so far. He came to Jamestown in 1613. Jamestown was established in 1607 to find gold and a water route to the Orient. After the "starving time" winter 1609/10 during which only 60 the original 500 settlers survived, the London entrepreneurs who funded the settlement, started recruiting people with skills to survive. Joseph Cobb was classified as "a gentleman, entitled by rank to wear a sword and trained by experience to use one." [Ed. Is that the same as "licensed to kill"?]
Samuel Wilbore (11th Great Grandfather *) (Gard family ancestor) and wife Ann, came to America before 1 December, 1633 and lived in Boston. He was a merchant, had a ship, probably sold cloth and lumber and was in the wool business.
In 1634, he and William Blackstene bought "Boston Commons" and gave it to the town.
Nov. 20, 1637, was one among a number of others disarmed for becoming followers of Ann Hutchinson. He left MA. and removed to Rhode Island. He was one of nineteen Aquedneck settlers who entered into a civil compact formed in Providence. It is believed that he was not associated with the purchase as he and Roger Williams signed as witnesses to the deed.

The farthest back we go is for Archibald Finlay who was born in the 1200's. He served in the Battle Largs 1263.
Richard Sikes (9th Great Grandfather *), settled initially in Dorchester, MA prior to 1639. He became a freeman in Cambridge, Mass. in 1640. In 1641 he moved to William Pynchon's wilderness town, Springfield MA, along the "Great (Connecticut) River". He was elected to the first group Selectmen in 1644. From 1650 - 1654 he was on the Board Townsmen. He was a carpenter and a farmer.
Roger Garde came from Bideford, Devonshire, England to York, Maine (then called Agamenticus) in 1634. He served as mayor of York, ME from 1644 to 1645.
Isaac Thomas is believed to be the first permanent white settler in "Sevierville, TN" which he named in 1795 in honor of his friend and companion, General John Sevier. He lived with and traded among the Cherokee Indians. He was a Soldier of the American Revolution, guiding John Sevier's army to King's Mountain as well as serving with him in many battles against the indians.
George Soule (9th Great Grandfather *) (Sikes Family) Came to the United States on the Mayflower in 1620 and was as a teacher to Edward Winsows children. George Soule, Miles Standish and John Alden laid out the first town, Duxbury, and are buried there.
Macbeth, (Finley Family) Yes. The Macbeth, King of Scotland (1040-1057), and the subject of William Shakespeare's 1606 play, was a G-G-G-G Grandfather of Archibald Finley.

Macbeth established himself on the throne after his cousin King Duncan died from wounds inflicted by Macbeth or his adherents in battle near Elgin. (He was not killed in bed as Shakespeare told it.) His wife, Gruoch (Lady MACBETH), was a descendant King Kenneth III who ruled from 997-1005. Macbeth was killed in battle by Malcolm III, son Duncan, with assistance from the English.

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