SYKES', early of Flockton, Coat of Arms
** 5 6 7 Ethnicity
George Alvin Sikes
b. 1880, Davis, CA
d. 1960, Davis, CA
Jonathan Sikes
b. 1830, Lawrence Co., OH
d. 1913, Davis, CA

John Sikes
b. 1791, Wilbraham, MA
d. 1861, Novelty, MO
16% English,
1/32 Welsh
1/64 Scotch
Mary Rockwell
b. 1795, Chemung Co., NY
d. 1865, Novelty, MO
27% English
Caroline Woodley Palmer
b. 1848, Muncy, PA
d. 1915, Davis, CA

Richard Woodley
b. 1789/1791
d. 1 Feb 1861, Muncy, PA
Mary Mosteller
b. abt. 1814
d. before 1860
Clara Edna Thomas
b. 1889, Kelseyville, CA
d. 1966, Davis, CA
Benton Lewis Thomas
b. 1866, Old Windsor, Sonoma Co., CA
d. 1938, Kelseyville, CA

Henry Hardin Thomas
b. 1842, Independence, MO
d. 1904, Napa, CA
1/16 German
3/256 English
1/256 Dutch
Nancy Ann Halloway
b. MO
d. 1872, Sonoma Co., CA
prob. 100% Irish
Susan Frances "Fanny" Gard
b. 1863, Stockton, CA
d. 1938 Finlay, CA

Charles Gard
b. 1824, Dixon, OH
d. 1876, Morgan Valley, CA
3/16 German,
21/256 English
Nancy Webb
b. 1834, Mcminnville, Tenn
d. 1925, Kelseyville, CA
7/256 English, 1/128 Dutch, 1/128 Germ.
** Generations back from 2000

Ethnicity of Alvin and Clara's children:
12.5% prob. Irish *, 6.8% English †, 3.2% German, 0.4% Welsh, 0.2% Scotch, 0.01% Dutch
77% unknown. Even though we have identified over 190 of our direct ancestors, many of them have been in America for 4 or more generations and have not been traced back to their country of origin .

*According to Beryl, Nancy Ann Halloway had a thick Irish brogue, so must have been 100% Irish

† English is probably much higher since Many of these can be traced back 8 or more generations when the majority of Immigrants were English.

Clara was an 11th generation American going back to Joseph Cobb who came to Jamestown, VA. in 1613 and Alvin is a 9th generation American going back to Richard Sikes who came to Mass. sometime before 1639, George Soule, a Mayflower passenger in 1620 and others. We have at least 23 ancestors on the Sikes side and 13 on the Thomas side who came to America before 1650. The farthest back we go is to Thomas Squire (ca. 1400-1442, England) in the Sikes/Rockwell/Bennett/Wheeler/Sayer line or 1415 through the James Sikes Line which has not been proven.

Gen** Dates Places
6  (1839-1863): 2-CA, 1-OH, 1-PA
7  (1791-1845): 2-(MO, PA), 1-(MA, NY, OH, TN)
8  (1755-1822): 3-TN, 2-(CT, MA, PA, KY), 1-(AR, OH) 3-?
9  (1729-1805): 3-TN 2-(CT, KY, MA, NJ, PA, RI, SC), 1-VA, 14-?
10 (1698-1764): 5-CT, 4-(MA, NJ), 3-(PA, VA), 1-(Germany, NC, NY, RI), 40-?
11 (1673-1735): 10-MA, 7-CT, 4-Germany, 2-(VA, NJ, NY), 1-(NH, NC, RI)
All Gen: 19-MA, 16-CT, 10-PA, 8-NJ, 7-TN, 6-VA 5-Germany, 4-(NY, KY, RI), 3-OH, 2-(MO, SC, NC) 1-AR
Ancestors Identified >400
Number of potential ancestors doubles each generation, so by gen 15 we have 2,000
GenBirthNum GenBirthNum GenBirthNum

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