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This is a summary of 2,000 years of immigration by Arthur Joseph Babineau Mcbride's ancestors around the world who came together in Davis, California, and resulted in Arthur who was born in Palo Alto, California and moved to Moss Beach California when he was 1.
The farthest back we can go identifying specific ancestors is to Fearchar MCFINLAY (b. 1236, Aberdeenshire, Scotland).
DNA studies have traced the migration of specific ethnic groups (e.g. Scots and Han Chinese) back 2,000 years or more.

Note: Seven of Arthur's ancestral families immigrated to North America before the United States and Canada were established as independent countries. We go back 8-10 generations (400 years) in these families before we get to an immigrant. (Very few people have the depth (that they know about *) and breadth of Arthur's genealogy.) The number of ancestors double each generation, so these families have up to 29 or 512 ancestors back then. Some have immigrated more recently, although they didn't show up in our search. (Searches are difficult when you go back before census records were available.)
We've only been able to trace a few in each line back to their country of origin so there may be other countries represented. However, most families stuck together with their ethnic group in the first 200 years in this country. So most of the families in an area came from the same country until about 150 years ago when we saw more ethnic mixing.
Arthur's ancestors that we've found represent 9 different ethnic groups. We may have missed at most a couple.

* Everyones ancestry goes back 200,000 years to the evolution of modern homo sapiens in East Africa.
Family names came into use in the later Middle Ages (beginning roughly in the 11th century); the process was completed by the end of the 16th century.
So, genealogies claiming to go back further are suspect.
Admiral Stout's book "The Clan Finley - Volume 2", which documents our Finley ancestors, claims to trace us back to MacBeth (1040-1057), but it is generally considered speculative.
See Finley Ancient Ancestors

Immigration: - Where Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride's ancestors came from.

Colonial period - Settlements and Colonies:

The terms Settlement and Colony as they relate to the colonial period in North America are used interchangeably to refer to locations before the U.S. war of Independence in 1775 and Canadian independence in 1867.
Acadia was a French colony in North America which covered todays Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, part of New Brunswick and Quebec Canada and Maine.
In 1755 the Canadians took over Acadia and deported many of the French to English colonies (Massachusetts - Georgia) along the eastern seaboard and the area became part of the Dominion of Canada (ew Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Quebec, and Ontario) a federation of colonies in British North America.
On July 1, 1867, with passage of the British North America Act, the Dominion of Canada, was officially established as a self-governing entity within the British Empire.

Today the province of Quebec is primarily French speaking and New Brunswick is officially bilingual.

In some cases we hit a brick wall trying to follow a male line back to an imigrant so switched to female ancestors and back to male. The Imigrant listed is always an ancestor of the family indicated.
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G Grand-
G G Grand-
Immigrants Immigrated
Name Birth From To
Domenic Mazza

Ida Cook

Bruno Mazza Bruno Mazza 1884 St Aposito, Italy New York
Christine Molella Salvatori Molella 1873 Teracina. Italy New York
Wirt Cook Thomas Chaffee 1616 Chaffcombe, Somerset, England Plymouth Colony
Catherine Cochrane William Cochrane 1806 Roxburgh, The Scottish Borders, Scotland Oswegatchie, St. Lawrence, NY
Joseph Babineau

Sophie Nowak

Edmond Babineau Joseph & Nicolas Babineau 1630 Soudan, Loire-Atlantique, Pays de la Loire, France Pentagouët Acadia Settlement
Cyrille Babineau 1853 St Louis de Kent, NB, Canada Chicopee MA Moved to Rumford ME, before moving to Chicopee
Mary Desroche Francois 1823 Rhone, France Prince Edward Island, Canada
Ignacy Nowak Ignacy Nowak 1891 Poland MA
Nellie Bojer Nellie Bojer 1896 Poland MA
Arthur Thomas McBride Jr.

Jean Sikes

Arthur Thomas McBride, Sr. Donald McBride
Stayed in NB
Thomas McBride


Arran, Scotland Archibald Settlement, NB,, Canada Moved in 1851
New Mills, NB, Canada Antelope, California Moved in 1870
Alexander Finley 1667 Inchervie, St. Andrew's, Fife, Scot. Dublin, Ireland
James Finley 1687 Dublin, Ireland Augusta Co,VA
Elva King Thomas King 1641 Reading, Berkshire, England Chester PA
Alvin Sikes George Soule England Plymouth Colony On the Mayflower 1620
Richard Sikes Before 1619 (Flockton), Stafford Co., England (Dorchester) Massachusetts Bay Colony
Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony Springfield, Mass. Bay Colony Moved in 1641
Clara Thomas Joseph Cobb 1593 Suffolk, England Jamestown Settlement
Adam Andes 1755 Rotterdam Germany Sevierville, TN
Joseph Bergtoll 1736 Germany Bedford Co. PA
Samuel Wilbore 1733 England Boston, Massachusetts Bay Colony Brought his own ship
Chien, Hui  

Wang, Chou

Chien, Chun
Chien, Mei-Yu
1947 Kaohsiung
County in Southern Taiwan
 New York Immigrated in 1967
Lee, Ho
Wang, Shin
Lee, Mien
Arthur's mix
United Kingdom
English 22%
Scotch   9.4%
31 .4%
French 12.5%
Italian 12.5%
Polish 12.5%
Irish 3.0%
German 3.0%

Chien ancestors Chien , Lee and Wang were Han/Min Chinese who moved from Fujian Province in mainland China to Formosa (Taiwan) in the 17th century. They currently make up most of the population of Taiwan.

  Arthur's Great Great Great Grandparents

Ancient Movement of Arthurs Ancestors

50 BC
The Celtic people who immigrated to what is now Scotland were thought to have come from Ireland around 400 AD, but 2014 DNA studies indicated they came from the the area located between the Rivers Moselle and Rhine, which forms much of the modern borderlands of France and Germany. around 50 BC and not Ireland.
Anyway they moved to Scotland a long time ago.

Arthur's Grandmother, Joanna Mei-Yu Chien. is Han Chinese from Taiwan. They can be traced back to the Han dynasty which was the second imperial dynasty of China (202 BC – 220 AD), when they were concentrated in the Yellow River Basin area of Northern China just Southwest of Beiging.
The estimated 1.4 billion Han Chinese people, worldwide, constitute the world's largest ethnic group, making up about 18% of today's global population. Between 4 and 5 million in the United States.

The Min Chinese homeland of Fujian Province in Southern China was opened to Han Chinese from Northern China by the defeat of the Minyue state by the armies of Emperor Wu of Han, the seventh emperor of the Han dynasty of ancient China, in 110 BC.
The Han dynasty is historically considered to be the first golden age of China's Imperial era due to the power and influence it projected over much of East Asia.
The estimated 1.4 billion Han Chinese people, worldwide, constitute the world's largest ethnic group, making up about 18% of the global population. They are primarily concentrated in the People's Republic of China (Mainland China), where they make up about 92% of the total population.

Richard Cobb was born in Born 1562 in Oxford, Aberdeenshire, Scotland and moved to Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands before 1576.
Andrew Finley moved from Perthshire Scotland before 1546 to Fifeshire, Scotland
James Finley moved from Fifeshire Scotland before 1579 to Balchrystie, Scotland


Joseph Babineau moved from Soudan, France and immigrated to Pentagoet Acadia (Nouvelle France), which is near what is now Fort George Maine between 1665 & 1685.

McBride > Chien
Chien ancestors Chien , Lee and Wang were Han/Min Chinese who moved from Fujian Province in mainland China to Pin-Tung County in Southern Formosa (Taiwan) in the 17th century. They currently make up 97% of the population of Taiwan.

McBride > Sikes
Richard Sikes Flocton W. Yorshire UK to Dorchester, MA bef. 1639
George Soul Worchester, UK to Plymouth, MA 1620
Joseph Cobb I immigrated from Suffolk England to Jamestown, VA 1613
Rodger Garde Devonshire UK to York Maine 1648
Samuel Wilbore immigrated from the Sible Hedergton, Essex, Eng. to Boston 1633

McBride > Finley
Alexander Finley Inchervie, St. Andrew's, Fife, Scot to Ireland 1674

McBride > King

James King Devonshire UK to Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts bef 1674
Sir Daniel Llewellyn b 1600 Chelmsford, Essex, UK to Shirley, in Charles City county, VA bef 1642

William Finley moved from Dublin, Ireland to Augusta Co., VA 1730s

Mcbride > Sikes

Mathias Woodley immigrated from Canada to Muncy PA abt 1805
Thomas McBride moved with his father Donald from
Shannochie, Isle of Arran, Scotland to New Mills New Brunswick, Canada. 1851
Thomas McBride immigrated from New Mills, New Brunswick to Roseville California. c. 1870
Andrew Ramsey Finley moved from KY to MO c. 1833 and MO to Californian 1870.
Jonathan Sikes moved from Lawsrence County Ohio to California. 1850


Cyrille Babineau moved from St. Louis New Brunswick, Canada to Chicopee, MA around 1900
Ignacy Nowak moved from Poland to Mass. in the early 1900's

Bruno Mazza moved from St. Apostio Italy to Ithica NY around 1904s.
  I couldn't find Apostio. He departed from Naples)
Salvatori Molella moved from Teracina Italy to Ithaca NY in the early 1900s;
His Daughter Christine (Cristina) married Bruno Mazza

The greatest surge of Itallian immigration occurred between 1880 and 1914 when more than 4 million Italians immigrated to the US,
the largest number coming from the Southern Italian regions of Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Apulia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicily, which were still mainly rural and agricultural and where much of the populace had been impoverished by centuries of foreign rule and the heavy tax burdens levied after Italian reunification in 1861.

1968 - Joanna Mei-Yu Chien immigrated from Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC to New York city
  In the 70s she sponsored many of her family to immigrate.
1972 - Don McBride moved from California to North Plainfield NJ - 1972
1978 - Don and Joanna moved from North Plainfield NJ to Martinsville NJ

1998 Brooke Babineau moved from Rhinecliff NY to Davis CA
1996 Tom McBride moved from Martinsville NJ to Boston MA

2003 Tom moved from Somerville MA to Davis, CA
Summer 2011 Brooke and Tom moved to Richmond, CA
July 2012 Brooke and Tom moved to Novato, CA
June 2014 Brooke and Tom moved to San Francisco, CA
Jan 2017 Brooke and Tom moved Palo Alto, CA
July 2021 Brooke and Tom moved Moss Beach, CA