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Arthur Joseph Babineau McBride
McBrides in the Telephone Business
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"Past Reflections, Growing up on the Sikes Ranch", Jean Sikes, 1992
Notable Sikes family members
Added Tremont, CA history page
Added James McBride (1865-1943)
Added New Zealand cousins loose home in quake
Added Driver family to Antelope
Updated Lewelling pages
Added a page about Scott Pruett under the Antelope families page
Updated the Antelope page with information from Roy Ackeret
Added History of Antelope, CA, Antelope Sewing Club and 
      some family history for Goulds, Pruetts, Gladneys
Added James Finley (1783-1866)
Added History of the First Presbyterian Church of Roseville
Added Name Frequency
Added St. Helena Map showing Lewelling Vinyard
Added Donald McBride family DNA Results
Added Alvin Sikes family DNA Results
BBC program "There's Only One Mr. Sykes" highlighting Bryan Sykes DNA analysis
Added Flockton, Yorkshire, England page with pictures of a visit to
  the location of Sikes origins.
County maps of Ohio and Missouri
Added Place of Origin
Added MacDonald Clan Randal (McBride) Tartin list.
Added larger pictures of Donald McBride descendants.
Updated location of old McBride Croft on map.
Added Davis Cemetery Map, Kelseyville Cemetery Map.
Updated England Map showing ancestral home of Sikes'.
Fixed broken links in Gard pages do to Gardline database reorganization
Fixed broken links in Isle of Arran and Scotland page 
Updated McBride pages (added McCormack and McKenzie pages)
   and New Mills, New Brunswick, Canada pages
Updated Charles Gard page with information from
 Gard Meddaugh's Notes on the Travels of Charles Gard
Updated Keehner Ancestors page
Added William Keehner and Lelia King page
Added 1877 map showing Sikes neighbors in Tremont section of Solano Co.
Added references to Wan-Tan area genealogy micorfilm records 
  at the LDS Family History Library to Chien sources.
Updated Thomas Hellar Roots
Added Copies of Cemetery and Marriage records for Hellar/Knock
Added link to Chinese Roots on Chinese Genealogy Page
Fixed broken About/Contact links.
Added History links to San Lorenzo page
Cleaned up links in King and Lewelling pages.
Added Prince Llewellyn page.
 Link to Richard Sikes information at Diane Scannell's "In The Trees" site,
    added to Richard Sikes Page here.
Added Immigrants by family by date to generations page.
Updated Relationship Chart again
Added King/Helar/Lewllling Fan Chart
Added GenCircles to Genealogy Reference Page.
Added links to Nicholas Hathaway Page at Hathaway Family Assn.
Corrected date (1742) that Capt. Benjamin Hathaway 
helped start the Presbyterian Church of Morristown.
Added 8 Generation fan charts for Sikes/Thomas 
Added George Soule page.

Updated Woodley Historical Documents and Articles  to add missing pictures.
Added Genealogy Database List
Corrected Mathias Woodley spelling and built links to Robert Woodley's pages.
Added King section from the History of Placer and Nevada Cos.
Added more King family pictures 
GardLine Database has moved to
Added N. California Genealogy Resources page
Updated John Sikes pages to change place of death
         from Shelby Co., MO to  Shelly Co. OH.
Updated Recommended Genealogy Software
Added picutre of Massengill Memorial Massengill page.
Added Population Statistics
Added Phebe ? Sikes page with some new information.
Updated Henderson Lewelling Page.
American Institute for Conservation link added to The Doc. Preservation page.
Added Biblical Genealogy Page.
Added Summary of ancestors involvement in establishing new churches
Added picture of John Hathaway Homestead Plaque
Updated Generations Page
  (Added 2 to the generation numbers counting back so generation 1 is
  the generation being born now and Baby Boomers are generation 3)
Added Berkley MA map with  Hathaway sites.
Updated Thomas Hellar biographical info.
Added Prominent Finley Cousins

Copy "Genealogy Gone Haywire As Searchers Take to Web" WSJ Article.
Added King-Hellar Family Picture
Updated Thomas Hellar Picture & moves
Added page for streets named after these families-Monuments-Public Gifts
Added San Lorenzo, CA page with info. about King and Lewelling families.

Added Jonathan Sikes Homestead Certificate

Updated Immigrant list
Added 13 & 14th Century Ancestors page
Added picture McBride Croft remains on the Isle Arran
Added Table of Contents and Picture, Map and Surname Index

Added A.R. Finley's 1984 letter to The Mt. Zion church in Lincoln Co. MO
Added "The Finley Family" as told by Emma Finley.

Finley Ancient Roots going back to BC
Clan Farquarson (Finley clan) and Farquarson Castles
Scottish History updated.

Benton Thomas pictures (Wagon, Thresher, Kelseyville).
Springfield map showing land owned by John Jones Sikes Ancestors
        (Sikes, Bliss, Chapin and Jones).
Table Contents - Links to ancestors and descendants back to 1700
Index to Pictures, Maps and Surnames.
Woodley Bible Images

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